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2016Appropriateness of Language Used in Patient AssociationsGovender, Denira; Sc, B; Villafranca, Alexander; Sc, M; Hamlin, Colin; Hiebert, Brett; Sc, M; Parveen, Divya; Sc, B; Jacobsohn, Eric; Ch, M B B
2013Are health care providers adequately educating couples for embryo disposition decisions ?Deniz, Stacy G; Hughes, Edward G; Ch, M B B; Sc, M; Neal, Michael S; Hon, B Sc; Sc, M
2016Catch me if you can . early simulation efforts affect fundamental surgical skill assessment scoresAbdelsattar, Jad M; Khatib, Moustafa M El; Ch, M B B; Mohan, Monali; Naik, Nimesh D; Farley, David R
2013Follicular-phase ovarian follicular fl uid and plasma cytokine pro fi ling of natural cycle in vitro fertilization patientsBaskind, N Ellissa; Ch, M B B; Orsi, Nicolas M; Ch, M B B; Ph, D; Sharma, Vinay; Ph, D
2016Functional Dependence and Quality of LifeWildes, Troy S; Mckinnon, Sherry L; Sadiq, Furqaan; Lin, Nan; Ph, D; Helsten, Daniel L; Sharma, Anshuman; Stark, Susan L; Ph, D; Avidan, Michael S; Ch, M B B
2013In the secretory endometria of women , luminal epithelia exhibit gene and protein expressions that differ from those of glandular epitheliaPh, D; Phillipson, Gregory T M; Ch, M B B
2017Incidence of Connected Consciousness after Tracheal IntubationRaz, Aeyal; Ph, D; Winders, Joel; Sc, B; Stevanovic, Ana; Rossaint, Rolf; Boncyk, Christina; Defresne, Aline; Tran, Gabriel; Tasbihgou, Seth; Sc, B; Meier, Sascha; Vlisides, Phillip E; Fardous, Hussein; Hess, Aaron; Ph, D; Sleigh, Jamie; Ch, M B B
2016Microbiological Contamination of Drugs during Their Administration for Anesthesia in the Operating RoomSwift, Simon; Ph, D; Torrie, Jane; Ch, M B B; Webster, Craig S; Ph, D; Merry, Alan F; Ch, M B B
2016Mild Sedation Exacerbates or Unmasks Focal Neurologic Dysfunction in Neurosurgical Patients with Supratentorial Brain Mass Lesions in a Drug-specific MannerLin, Nan; Han, Ruquan; Ph, D; Zhou, Jianxin; Gelb, Adrian W; Ch, M B B
2013ORIGINAL ARTICLES : GENETICS DNA copy number variations are important in the complex genetic architecture of m € ullerian disordersMcgowan, Ruth; Ch, M B B; Tydeman, Graham; Sc, B; Shapiro, David; Ph, D; Craig, Tracey; Sc, M
2016The truth about trauma readmissionsOlufajo, Olubode A; H, M P; Cooper, Zara; Sc, M; Yorkgitis, Brian K; O, D; Najjar, Peter A; D, M; Metcalfe, David; Ch, M B B; Havens, Joaquim M; D, M; Askari, Reza; D, M; Brat, Gabriel A; Sc, M; Haider, Adil H; H, M P; Salim, Ali; D, M
2013Variation in antim € ullerian hormone concentration during the menstrual cycle may change the clinical classi fi cation of the ovarian responseHadlow, Narelle; Longhurst, Katherine; Sc, B; Mcclements, Allison; Natalwala, Jay; Ch, M B B
2016Whatever happens to trauma patients who leave against medical advice ?Metcalfe, David; Ch, M B B; Yorkgitis, Brian K; O, D; Cooper, Zara; Sc, M; Askari, Reza; D, M; Havens, Joaquim M; D, M; Brat, Gabriel A; Sc, M; Haider, Adil H; H, M P; Salim, Ali; D, M