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2017Children and parental anxiolysis in paediatric ambulatory surgery : a randomized controlled study comparing 0 . 3 mg kg 2 1 midazolam to tablet computer based interactive distractionMarechal, C; Berthiller, J; Tosetti, S; Cogniat, B; Desombres, H; Bouvet, L; Kassai, B; Chassard, D; Siqueira, M De Queiroz; F-, Bron
2017Prevalence and factors predictive of full stomach in elective and emergency surgical patients : a prospective cohort studyBouvet, L; Desgranges, F; Aubergy, C; Boselli, E; Dupont, G; Allaouchiche, B; Chassard, D; Vetagro, Apcse; Upsp, Sup; Marcy-, Bourgelat; Thomas, Albert; Care, Intensive; Lyon, Hospices Civils De; Hospital, Herriot; Etienne, Saint-; Care, Intensive; Lyon, Hospices Civils
2013Prospective observational study of the non-invasive assessment of immediate postoperative pain using the analgesia / nociception index ( ANI )Bouvet, L; Dabouz, R; Magnin, C; Allaouchiche, B; Boselli, E; Be, G
2016Ultrasonographic measurement of antral area for estimating gastric fl uid volume in parturientsZieleskiewicz, L; Boghossian, M C; Delmas, A C; Jay, L; Bourgoin, A; Carcopino, X; Poirier, M; Cogniat, B; Stewart, A; Chassard, D; Leone, M; Bouvet, L; Echo, C A R; Networks, Collaborative; Marseille, Aix; Livon, Boulevard Charles
2016Ultrasound assessment of the gastric contents for the guidance of the anaesthetic strategy in infants with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis : a prospective cohort studyGagey, A; Siqueira, M De Queiroz; Desgranges, F; Combet, S; Naulin, C; Chassard, D; Bouvet, L; Bernard, Claude; Thomas, Albert