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2016Acute risk change ( ARC ) identi fi es outlier institutions in perioperative cardiac surgical care when the standardized mortality ratio cannotCoulson, T G; Bailey, M; Reid, C M; Tran, L; Mullany, D V; Parker, J; Hicks, P; Pilcher, D
2013 Cardiovascular (9983).pdf.jpg2013An assessment of outcomes with intramedullary fixation of fractured ribsMarasco, Silvana; Quayle, Margaret; Summerhayes, Robyn; Šutalo, Ilija D.; Liovic, Petar; Tanaka, H; Yukioka, T; Yamaguti, Y; Shimizu, S; Goto, H; Matsuda, H; Shimazaki, S; Granetzny, a; El-Aal, Ma; Emam, E; Shalaby, a; Boseila, a; Marasco, Sf; Davies, Ar; Cooper, J; Varma, D; Bennett, V; Nevill, R; Lee, G; Bailey, M; Fitzgerald, M; Marasco, Sf; Šutalo, Id; Bui, Av; Nakayama, M; Gika, M; Fukuda, H; Yamahata, T; Aoki, K; Shiba, S; Eguchi, K; Barajas, Pm; Otero, Mdp; Sanchez-Gracian, Cd; Gomez, Ml; Novella, At; Prado, Jcm; Ruiloba, Sl; Durán, Mlc; Sales, Jr; Ellis, Tj; Gillard, J; Liu, Q; Chen, Jc; Ham, B; Mayberry, Jc; Marasco, Sf; Liovic, P; Šutalo, Id; Marasco, S; Saxena, P; Helzel, I; Long, W; Fitzpatrick, D; Madey, S; Bottlang, M; Bottlang, M; Helzel, I; Long, W; Fitzpatrick, D; Madey, S; Liovic, P; Šutalo, Id; Marasco, Sf; Claes, L; Heigele, Ca; Lacroix, D; Predergast, P; Andrade-Silva, Fb; Kojima, Ke; Joeris, a; Silva, Js; Mattar, R; Marasco, Sf; Liew, S; Edwards, E; Varma, D; Summerhayes, R
2016B-type natriuretic peptide signal peptide (BNPsp) in patients presenting with chest painPemberton, C J; Frampton, C M; Aldous, S; Bailey, M; Young, J; Troughton, R; Than, M; Richards, M
2016A forcing strategy to improve the evaluation of clinical superiority in anaesthesia trialsKm, Kaukonnen; Bailey, M; Pilcher, D; Cooper, J; Sys-, Bellomo R
2015Roos and NACP-02 ion chamber perturbations and water-air stopping-power ratios for clinical electron beams for energies from 4 to 22 MeVBailey, M; Shipley, D R; Manning, J W
2015Systemic inflammatory response syndrome criteria in defining severe sepsisKaukonen, K M; Bailey, M; Pilcher, D; Cooper, D J; Bellomo, R