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2016Cath lab to the rescue . Now with room to grow !Backer, Carl L; Gossett, Jeffrey G
2016EDITORIAL : CONGENITAL : FONTAN Fontan at 40 : Midlife crisis ?Backer, Carl L; Jacobs, Marshall L
2016Evolving Technology / Basic Science Ethics Editor Statistics Editor Managing EditorWeisel, Richard D; Schaff, Hartzell V; Woo, Y Joseph; Bacha, Emile A; York, New; Caldarone, Christopher A; Meyers, Bryan F; Louis, St; Jones, David R; York, New; Vaporciyan, Ara A; Amico, Thomas A D; Blackstone, Eugene H; Walther, Ryan E; Aranki, Sary F; Backer, Carl L;
2013 Cardiovascular (8365).pdf.jpg2013Fontan conversion : guidelines from Down UnderBacker, Carl L; Costello, John M; Deal, Barbara J
2016Interrupted aortic arch : Measure twice , cut onceBacker, Carl L
2016Novel Modi fi cations of a Ventricular Assist Device for Infants and ChildrenKulat, Bradley T; Eltayeb, Osama; Mong, Michael C; Balasubramanya, Shyamasundar; Sarwark, Anne E; Zingle, Neale R; Moss, Steven T; Moga, Michael Alice; Gossett, Jeffrey G; Pahl, Elfriede; Costello, John M; Backer, Carl L
2016Of mice and men .Backer, Carl L; Mong, Michael C
2016The paradox of the surgically implanted transcatheter valveBacker, Carl L
9781405196529.pdf.jpg2011Pediatric cardiac surgeryMavroudis, Constantine ; Backer, Carl L
2016Posterior Circulation Ischemia or Occlusion in Five Adults With Failing Fontan CirculationBroomall, Eileen; Mcbride, Mary E; Deal, Barbara J; Ducharme-crevier, Laurence; Shaw, Alexandra; Mazwi, Mjaye; Costello, John; Backer, Carl L; Mong, Michael C; Marino, Bradley S; Defreitas, Andrew; Wainwright, Mark S
2017Risk Factors for Cardiac Arrest or Mechanical Circulatory Support in Children with Fulminant MyocarditisCasadonte, Joseph R; Mazwi, Mjaye L; Gambetta, Katheryn E; Palac, Hannah L; Mcbride, Mary E; Eltayeb, Osama M; Monge, Michael C; Backer, Carl L; Costello, John M
2016Too big or too small ?Backer, Carl L; Young, Luciana