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2013Assessment of Intraoperative Awareness with Explicit Recall : A Comparison of 2 Methods DISCLOSURESMashour, George A; Kent, Christopher; Picton, Paul; Ramachandran, Satya Krishna; Tremper, Kevin K; Turner, Christopher R; Shanks, Amy; Avidan, Michael S
2016Convergent Validity of Three Methods for Measuring Postoperative Complications.Fritz, Bradley A; Escallier, Krisztina E; Ben Abdallah, Arbi; Oberhaus, Jordan; Becker, Jennifer; Geczi, Kristin; McKinnon, Sherry; Helsten, Dan L; Sharma, Anshuman; Wildes, Troy S; Avidan, Michael S
2015Effects of regional versus general anesthesia on outcomes after total hip arthroplasty: a retrospective propensity-matched cohort study.Helwani, Mohammad A; Avidan, Michael S; Ben Abdallah, Arbi; Kaiser, Dagmar J; Clohisy, John C; Hall, Bruce L; Kaiser, Heiko A
2016Evaluation of Perioperative Medication ErrorsAvidan, Michael S; Evers, Alex S
2016Functional Dependence and Quality of LifeWildes, Troy S; Mckinnon, Sherry L; Sadiq, Furqaan; Lin, Nan; Ph, D; Helsten, Daniel L; Sharma, Anshuman; Stark, Susan L; Ph, D; Avidan, Michael S; Ch, M B B
2013The Impact of Bispectral Index Versus End-Tidal Anesthetic Concentration-Guided Anesthesia on Time to Tracheal Extubation in Fast-Track Cardiac SurgeryVillafranca, Alexander; Thomson, Ian A; Hilary, P; Avidan, Michael S; Kahn, Sadia
2014Postoperative Delirium in a Substudy of Cardiothoracic Surgical Patients in the BAG-RECALL Clinical TrialWhitlock, Elizabeth L; Torres, Brian A; Lin, Nan; Helsten, Daniel L; Nadelson, Molly R; Mashour, George A; Avidan, Michael S
2014The Prevention of Delirium and Complications Associated with Surgical Treatments (PODCAST) study: protocol for an international multicentre randomised controlled trialAvidan, Michael S; Fritz, Bradley A; Maybrier, Hannah R; Muench, Maxwell R; Escallier, Krisztina E; Chen, Yulong; Ben Abdallah, Arbi; Veselis, Robert A; Hudetz, Judith A; Pagel, Paul S; Noh, Gyujeong; Pryor, Kane; Kaiser, Heiko; Arya, Virendra Kumar; Pong, Ryan; Jacobsohn, Eric; Grocott, Hilary P; Choi, Stephen; Downey, Robert J; Inouye, Sharon K; Mashour, George A
2013Volitional Delay of Self-Reported Outcomes : Insights from a Case of Intraoperative Awareness with Explicit RecallVillafranca, Alexander J; Arenson, Benjamin G; Avidan, Michael S; Glick, David; Mashour, George A; Jacobsohn, Eric