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2017Construct Validity of the Prosthetic Limb Users Survey of Mobility ( PLUS-M ) in Adults With Lower Limb AmputationHafner, Brian J; Gaunaurd, Ignacio A; Morgan, Sara J; Amtmann, Dagmar; Salem, Rana; Gailey, Robert S
2017Cross-Sectional Assessment of Factors Related to Pain Intensity and Pain Interference in Lower Limb Prosthesis UsersMorgan, Sara J; Friedly, Janna L; Amtmann, Dagmar; Salem, Rana; Hafner, Brian J
2015Health-Related Profiles of People with Lower Limb LossAmtmann, Dagmar; Morgan, Sara J.; Kim, Jiseon; Hafner, Brian J.
2015Self-Efficacy as a longitudinal predictor of perceived cognitive impairment in individuals with multiple sclerosisHughes, Abbey J.; Beier, Meghan; Hartoonian, Narineh; Turner, Aaron P.; Amtmann, Dagmar; Ehde, Dawn M.
2016Self-Reported Cognitive Concerns in People With Lower Limb LossMorgan, Sara J; Kelly, Valerie E; Amtmann, Dagmar; Salem, Rana; Hafner, Brian J
2014The electronic self report assessment and intervention for cancer: promoting patient verbal reporting of symptom and quality of life issues in a randomized controlled trialBerry, Donna L; Hong, Fangxin; Halpenny, Barbara; Partridge, Anne; Fox, Erica; Fann, Jesse R; Wolpin, Seth; Lober, William B; Bush, Nigel; Parvathaneni, Upendra; Amtmann, Dagmar; Ford, Rosemary
2016Variables Associated With Communicative Participation After Head and Neck Cancer.Bolt, Susan; Eadie, Tanya; Yorkston, Kathryn; Baylor, Carolyn; Amtmann, Dagmar